Sport activities in Ajaccio : the 5 best outdoor activities in Ajaccio

Published on 9 March 2024

Let’s find out the sport activities you can do here in Ajaccio and in the surrounding area ! Some decide to rest during their holidays while others prefer to see where the wind takes them to discover the place in a different way. Here is our guide to find out the best sports activities to discover Ajaccio and its surroundings !

Accessible sport activities in Ajaccio : hiking and trekking

Corsica has a lot to offer regarding the possible sports activities that can be done. The gentlest and the most accessible sporting activity certainly remains hiking (and trekking). Fortunately, Ajaccio offers a lot of hikes suitable for all levels

The summit of the Monte Gozzi during a sunset, one of the sport activities we suggest in Ajaccio

The Monte Gozzi

Emblematic cliff hear in Ajaccio, the Monte Gozzi stands out thanks to its red color. This hike is accessible for beginners and offers a breathtaking panorama all over the gulf of Ajaccio. You start hiking at the Saint Cyr chapel. This hike starts with an ascent before a flat path surrounded by the well know corsican maquis. The last part leads you to the summit and its corsican flag. If you want to hike further, you can turn left to reach the Punta Pastinaca. Our best advice ? To hike in the late afternoon to admire an incredible sunset upon the gulf of Ajaccio.

The Monte Aragnascu

Also named Monte Ignascu. This hike is very easy and accessible. You stark walking under a shady path in the maquis. Then, after an ascent, you reach an increadible panorama on the gulf of Ajaccio on one hand, and on the Monte d’Oro mountain range on the other hand. The starting point is located in the lovely village of Cuttoli-Corticchiato. Count on two hours to reach the summit and approximatively 1h30 to go back to the starting point.

The Crest path : le sentier des Crètes

This path leads you towards the montains that overhang the entire city of Ajaccio. The starting point in the city center allows all hikers to get to it without using a car. Up there, you can choose between a lots of pathes. You can reach the Parc Berthaud and its flage, climb to the high ridges, reach the rig that offers a view on the Iles Sanguinaires…The choice is all yours !

The coastal path, le sentier des douaniers

This coastal path allows you to walk along the steepy cliffes from the peninsula of La Parata to reah the beach of Capo di Feno. The hike offer a view on jagged and wild coast which is very specific of this area. Our advice ? Clim the dozen of stairs to reach the Genoese Tower of La Parata to enjoy a breathtaking view on Les Îles Sanguinaires !

Escalade, climbing, outdoor and indoor sport activities in Ajaccio !

For those who perfer to clim cliffs, there are plentiful of places to climb in Ajaccio and its surroundings. These places are always in stunning landscapes and are accessible to all levels, whether you are a beginner or an experienced climber. There are 7 places where you can climb near Ajaccio among which five multi-pitch climbing spots, one bouldering free climbing spot, one big climbing route and two spots for traditional climbing.

The Monte Gozzi

This red cliff which overlooks Ajaccio is a well known climbing spot in this area, even the most popular one. The Monte Gozzi offers around a hundred of routes from the level 3b to the level 8a. Thanks to its exposure, it is possible to climb there during the entire year. The panorama is emblatic.

A Reta

For those who prefer to climb with seaviews, you might need to climb on this spot. This bluff made up of granit offers 9 routes from the level 4a to 7a. Because of its exposure we advise you to climb early in the morning or in the late afternoon during the high season.

Bloc Session Ajaccio

What about rainy days ? A bouldering hall opened in Ajaccio. For those who enjoy indoor climbing, Bloc Session Ajaccio offers 150 routes for all levels. The staff keep the routes often updated so that you can improve yourself without beeing bored. The entire team is always ready to help you whenever you feel the need. Little extra : the barbecue and climb events every week during summertime.

The Via Ferrata of Tolla

In a word, the Via Ferrata is a is a protected an equipped climbing route. It includes steel fixtures such as cables and railings. The climber can use to progress on the reach the end of the route. In the heart of the Gorges of the Prunelli, the Via Ferrata of Tolla offers a stunning overview on the lake of Tolla and its flood barrier.

A guy climbing near Ajaccio, one of the sport activities we suggest in Ajaccio

The nautical activities, a lot of sport activities in Ajaccio

Ajaccio is a mediterranean city located between the sea and the mountains. There are a lot of nautical activities you can pratice in this area ! In this way, you can diversify your sporting activities to make your entire family happy !

Sea kayaking

Ajaccio and its surroundings benefits from a coastline that has a lot of different landscapes. In this way, you can never be bored of what you see ! You can sail on the length of the coastline from Capo di Feno to the peninsula of Isolella while admiring the mountains in the background. We do offer two different guide kayaking tours near Ajaccio, the first one around the peninsula of Isolella. The second one around the little island named Isula Piana off the coast off the beach of Mare e Sole. On this beach you can also rent kayaks, pedalos, paddle boards or bodyboards during summertime !

Two people sea kayaking in Ajaccio
A woman who is scuba diving near Ajaccio

Scuba diving

Now is the time to discover what treasures the Mediterranean sea hiddes ! What better way to find out than in doing a first dive ? Agosta Plongée offers you a chance to dive on a famous spot near Porticcio named La Tête de Mort. In the city center of Ajaccio, Odyssée Plongée allows you to dive to explore the sea, a good way to start !

The jet ski

If, according to you, practice a sport go with adrenaline and thrill, maybe the jet ski is something that could suits you best ! A lot of compagnies are located in the coastline of Ajaccio, as Julien Jet Organisation or Jet Sensations !

The canyoning activity with Canyon Corse, sport activities and adrenaline near Ajaccio

Thank to its specific environnement, Corsica is a great place to practice the canyoning activity. In fact, thanks to its mountains and its rivers, the canyoning remains certainly a major sporting activity here in Corsica. Canyon Corse guides you safely through the gorges. You will make your way through crystal clear ponds and remarkable waterfalls.

The canyon of La Richiusa

There are a lot of equipped canyons in Corsica. Not far from Ajaccio you can find the canyon of La Richiusa which is one of the most famous canyons here is Corsica, is not the most famous one. The first hike in the mountains allows you to enjoy the amazing landscapes of Corsica. Rappelling descents, natural slides, jumps, zipline, just as many obstacles to overcome in these incredible turquoise ponds. Both beginners and experienced people will enjoy this amazing canyon !

The canyon Le Baracci

Le Baracci located near Propriano is quite different from La Richiusa we just talked about. The gorges are georgous thanks to the orange color of the granit, the atmosphere is quite particular there. You will enter this gorges and overcome many obstacles such as natual slides, jumps, zipline and rappelling.

In this way, la Richiusa and le Baracci may offer you the adrenaline rush you need in amazinc places ! Near Ajaccio, there is also the aquatic excursion of La Gravona. This activity is accessible and both children and adults will love it ! What a good way to practice sport activities with your entire family in Corsica !

Mountain biking and road biking, outdoor sport activities in Ajaccio

Over the years, Corsica has become a true cycle touring destination. The mountain biking and the road biking remain major outdoor activities here in Ajaccio. Thanks to its winding roads with incredible views and thanks to its hikings trails, Corsica is an amazing playground for all the bikes lovers. Plus, the mild weather we benefit from April to October allows us to practice these two sporting disciplines during a long period of time each year.

Mountain biking

A lot of hiking paths allow to discover every part of Corsica with a mountain bike. For example in Ajaccio, you can ride on the Coastal Path (Sentier des Douaniers) or on the Crest Path (Sentier des Crêtes) we talked about before on this article. You can also pace up and down all the hidden trails of the forest of Coti Chiavari to reach the former jail and its river dam.

Road biking

The road cycling offers many advantages, including being able to cover long distances in a short time.That is to say the roads are quite infinite. Plus, there is a large amount of secondary roads that are far less frequented by the drivers. There you can ride your bike safely while enjoying stunning landscapes.

You can visit the website of the FFC or the website of Visit Corsica if you need more informations. Guided tours are also setted up.