The GR20 Integral

Finally try the GR20 Integral experience in 14 days!

Welcome on Saturday at 2pm at Ajaccio airport.
End of the course on Saturday, then return to the airport at around 9am.

Attempting the GR20 Integral is the promise of a mythical crossing through the heart of the Corsican massif. It is indeed the most difficult hiking trail in Europe. Famous for its stunning elevation changes but also for its breathtaking landscapes.

The most daring hikers can climb dizzying peaks such as Monte Cintu at 2,706m, the highest point in Corsica, and relax on the banks of the beautiful pools of Manganellu and Agnone, where a deep tranquility reigns. The granite barrier shelters many natural treasures, from the famous larici pines to the charming pozzines at altitude, one can thus never stop marveling.

Between the different stages on the GR20 Integral course, hikers can also enjoy a well-deserved rest in the refuges and sheepfolds. In fact, these then become high places of human exchange where one comes to restock but above all to recharge.

Program – GR20 Integral

Saturday: Welcome and transfer to Ascu at 1423m

Welcome at the Ajaccio airport then 3-hour transfer to the Haut Asco ski resort. Check the bags and possibility of borrowing backpacks and hiking boots (however it is preferable to have your own shoes, neither too new nor too worn) and a sleeping bag. In this case, please let us know in advance by calling

Sunday: Ascu – Vallone – 1422m

Elevations: +1200m / -1200m
Mont Cinto Option: +1350m / -1350m
Very certainly the longest and most technical day of the stay which will start with the ascent of the Pointe des Eboulis at 2,607m, the highest point of the GR20. From this breathtaking view not only on the Cap Corse and Calvi, but also on all the peaks of the South. The option of climbing Monte Cinto, the roof of Corsica, which peaks at 2,706m, is also offered. In the afternoon, after overlooking the Cinto lake and its magnificent emerald color, we will finally start a long descent into the Tighiettu valley, to reach our evening stop at the Vallone sheepfolds.
8 hours of walking, farm meal and night under tent.

Monday: Vallone – Verghio – 1403m

Elevations: +627m / -612m
A pretty forest trail will take us to the Foggiale valley, which we will climb to the eponymous pass. Afterwards, we will join the highest refuge in Corsica, Ciutullu Di I Mori at 1991m, for a break. We will finally descend into the Golo valley, where we can swim in one of the beautiful clear-water basins, then through the Radule sheepfolds, to finally reach our evening guesthouse, the Castel Di Vergio.
5h30 of walking. Meal and night at the refuge or under a tent.

Tuesday: Verghio – Manganu – 1601m

Elevations: +590m / -790m
The day will start with a balcony trail in a thick forest of larici pines to the San Petru pass. Then it will take us by an old transhumance trail to Bocca A Reta (1883m) which overlooks the magnificent Lake Ninu and its vast expanses of grass with a thousand water holes, the charming “pozzines” where beautiful wild horses live. After following the banks of the Tavignano, we will finally reach the high plateau of Camputile which we will cross before reaching the Manganu refuge.
6h30 of walking. Meal and night at the refuge or under a tent.

Wednesday: Manganu – Petra Piana – 1842m

Elevations: +895m / -730m
Nothing beats the spectacle of the high-altitude basins, tinted with an intense blue-green. To access it, you will first have to cross dizzying ridges such as the Capitellu gap from where you can observe a charming eponymous lake. This is followed by a breathtaking view of Lake Melo, a real sapphire in the heart of the granite barrier. At the end of this string of alpine springs is finally the Petra Piana refuge.
6h30 of walking. Dinner at the refuge and night under a tent.

Thursday: Petra Piana – Onda – 1385m

Elevations: +400m/-800m
A long descent awaits us first in order to reach the banks of the Manganellu, which we will follow in a peaceful pine forest. After the Tolla footbridge, a picnic will then be improvised near one of the beautiful river basins. A short climb in the forest will then take us to the Onda sheepfolds and their famous lasagnes au brocciu. 5h30 of walking. Dinner at the refuge and night under a tent.

Friday: Onda – Vizzavona – 1136m

Elevations: +700m / -900m
First, a tough climb to Bocca Muratello where the view of the punta De l’Oriente is striking. Then we will start the long descent, which is partly done on granite slabs, and which will finally take us to the famous Cascades des Anglais in the dense and generous vegetation of the Vizzavona forest.
6h00 of walking. Meal and night at the guesthouse.

Saturday: Vizzavona – Capanelle – 1586m

Elevations: +900m / -224m
You will cross, via a beautiful forest trail, Bocca Palmente, the Alzeta sheepfolds, and the Sambuccu forest, where you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the Monte d’Oro and the Monte Renoso to the E Capanelle refuge.
5h30 of walking. Dormitory night in the U Fugonu guesthouse.

Sunday: Capanelle – Col de Verde – 1289m

Elevations: +517m / -803m
Departure towards the Traggette sheepfolds, for this day which will take place on a beautiful forest trail. It will then take us, if the weather allows, to the magnificent pozzines, an ancient glacial valley with a thousand water holes.
6h30 of walking. Evening by the fire, dinner and night in the guesthouse at the Col de Verde

Monday: Col de Verde – Usciolu – 1750m

Elevations: +1117m / -667m
Early morning departure for the ascent of Bocca Del Oro from where you will have a breathtaking view of the eastern plain. Then head to Punta Cappella, from where you will follow the ridge line by descending the ridge and finally passing through different small cols. You will then continue towards the Bocca di Laparo, in order to reach Monte Furmicula and the Usciolu refuge.
7h00 of walking. Meal and night under tent.

Tuesday: Usciolu – Croci – 1542m

Elevations: +388m / -597m
We then leave Usciolu by the ridge of the statues to reach the Agnone pass where we will take the new GR20. We will then follow the beautiful Padulelli river for the picnic, then cross the Cuscionu plateau by good soothing paths to the Croci sheepfolds.
5h00 of walking. Night in the guesthouse under tent or in dormitory.

Wednesday: Croci – Asinau – 1536m

Elevations: +608m/-632m
You will then continue by climbing to the Bocca Stazzunara at 2020m and the Monte Incudine, the highest peak in southern Corsica at 2134m (optional). During this stage, you will enjoy an unprecedented view of the magnificent Aiguilles de Bavella, the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio, and perhaps Sardinia… We will finish this beautiful day with a mineral descent to the Asinau refuge.
4h00 of walking. Dinner and night at the refuge or under tent.

Thursday: Asinau – Paliri – 1055m

Elevations: +440m / -910m
For this stage, you will first cross the Asinau stream in the direction of the famous Aiguilles de Bavella. The trail then climbs via the alpine variant to the Col Di U Pargulu at 1611m, from where we will enter the heart of the Bavella massif and its magical pink granite towers. To conclude the day, pass through the Col de Bavella before returning to the mule track, which, after crossing the Col de Finosa, will take us to the Paliri refuge.
7h00 of walking. Dinner at the refuge or under tent.

Friday: Paliri – Conca

Elevations: +160m / -970m
Change of atmosphere for this last stage towards the sea. The scree finally gives way to a trail with the smell of maquis. This stage will take you through the ruins of Capeddu and then through the breach of Bocca d’Usciolu, from where you can see the bay of Porto-Vecchio. To conclude, transfer in the early afternoon to the base camp near Ajaccio.
5h00 of walking. Night and meal at the Cors’Aventure base near Ajaccio.


Drop off at Ajaccio airport at 9am. Free morning.

Important: This program is provided for information purposes only and may be subject to changes or adjustments depending on the weather conditions.

1708 €

per person

or call-us at:

04 95 25 91 19

The price includes:

Local transfers, accommodation, meals, supervision, technical equipment required for the activity (see list of personal equipment and equipment loaned by UCPA) from the time of meeting on the first day at Ajaccio airport to the scheduled departure time on the last day.

The price does not include:

Drinks and personal expenses, toiletries, personal insurance, and any other supplement not included in the program.

For more information.

The technical level of the GR20 Integral is Level 3.

The route may have technical or airy passages, including scree passages or snowfields The nature of the terrain, the level of intensity and the altitude make it necessary to have experience of mountain hiking in order to fully enjoy this circuit.

Attention: you are not about to forget the magnificent and magical landscapes of the Corsican mountains, but they do not make it any less difficult, or even disconcerting for hikers used to the Alps and the Pyrenees. This raid is indeed difficult. The intensity of the program is strong and a good physical condition is therefore necessary.

Evaluation: you practice a sport twice a week and you will be able to maintain a good endurance at a regular pace, such as running 5km in less than 30 minutes while talking.

From 7am to 9am of walking per day. Long technical stages and possible aerial passages. Several stages with more than 1200m of positive or negative elevation gain. Good walking pace. . It is therefore necessary to have a mountaineering foot, that is to say not only a certain agility and ease off-trail, on ridge passages, but also on rock blocks chaos, maquis and scree.

For the success of the stay, so that everyone can fully enjoy it as well as for safety reasons, it is necessary that you have the required levels. . If this is not the case, our instructor may refuse you to follow the program. It may not be possible to offer you a replacement program and we will not be able to refund your stay.

This raid is aimed at a mountain audience, so do not overestimate your risks of ruining your holidays.

Equipment to be provided for the GR20 Integral

Gear to bring :

Included gear : 

Gear provided : tent and mattress. These gear are previously put on each place you will sleep, meaning you won’t have to carry it. 

Non included gear : 

Please note that the temperature might be low at altitude and there might be some wind. In this way, take warm clothes with you. We are able to store some of your stuff at our camp base, please make sure you have an extra bag to this end.

Mandatory gear to have : 

  • 50L hiking bag with a fitting rain cover
  • midcut hiking shoes (that cover the ankle, some you already walked with)
  • sleeping bag 5°C confort (the nights are chilly even during summer time)
  • 2 or 3 outfits (hiking pants, shorts and shirts)
  • thermal baselayer with long sleeves
  • midcalf hiking socks
  • Gore-tex jacket
  • Cap or hat, sunglasses
  • Gloves, beanie and neckwarmer

For the evenings : 

  • sandal
  • Comfortable pants
  • woolly socks
  • Fleece jacket
  • Down jacket
  • Warm baselayer

Other gear : 

  • microfiber towel
  • toiletry bag (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, earplug, toilet paper)
  • Swimsuit
  • headlamp with its charger
  • collapsible walking pole
  • 2 flasks of 1.5L of water (meaning 3L in total) or a Camelback
  • hermetic plastic bag to partition your gear
  • kitchen kit (hermetic lunchbox such as “Tupperware” of 0.8L, cutlery, tumbler)
  • a tube of strong glue
  • 2 bin bags of 50L
  • washing line and pegs
  • adaptor with 3 outputs (classic or USB)
  • dried fruits, cereal bars….

First-aid kit, recommended content : 

  • sunscreen for both skin and lips
  • personal medicine if you are subject to specific disorders (allergies and so on)
  • necessities to avoid and treat blisters (dressings such as “Compeed”, cream Nok)
  • necessities to relieve ankle and knees problems (strips such as “Elasto”)
  • necessities to clean an insignificant wound (soaked compress)
  • Necessities to relieve intestinal discomforts due to a change in your diet (probiotics, Smecta, Imodium, Tiorfan)
  • Necessities to relieve headache and sore muscles (mineral salt or electrolytes for example)
  • Necessities to relieve the stings
  • Necessities to relieve the seasickness
  • thick survival blanket (mandatory)

Please seek advice from your doctor and from your pharmacist. Please note that you will have to carry your first-aid kit with you, in this way do only bring what is strictly necessary.


In tents in refuges, gites and sheepfolds. If you borrow one of our sleeping bag, you will be asked to provide a sleeping linen as a matter of hygien.


Breakfast and dinner at the refuges, gites or sheepfolds. The lunches are prepared by the employees of the refuges.
The price does not include groceries such as cereal bars, dried fruits, etc.
For the last day, the group will cook dinner.


Each hiking trip is led by a state-certified guide, who is an expert in hiking. With knowledge of the terrain and the environment, and mastery of safety and logistics, he will do everything in his power to ensure that you enjoy your stay.


Between 8 and 12 kg. On average 11 kg for the GR20 Integral. Carrying personal belongings for 14 days and 13 nights, as well as for the lunch picnic.


Consult your doctor or pharmacist, and remember that you will also need to bring your own pharmacy. So take only the bare essentials.
Typical content:
– Personal medication if you are particularly prone to disorders (allergies, etc.)
– Necessary to prevent and treat blisters: Compeed type dressings and Elasto type bandage
– Something to relieve ankle and knee problems (Elasto type bandages)
– Soaked compresses to clean small wounds
– Sun protection for the skin and lips
– Something to relieve intestinal problems due to food changes
– Relieve insect bites

Health formalities: No contraindication to physical exertion or major medical treatment.


The meeting is at 2:00 pm at Ajaccio Airport. Only one shuttle is provided for departure. Also, the ways to get to Corsica are as follows:

→ By boat:

  • From Marseille: Corsica Linea
  • From Toulon, Nice, Savona and Livorno:

→ By plane:

Air lines from the main cities of the continent to Ajaccio, Bastia, Calvi and Figari.

Practical information:

The bus station is located in front of the docks in the port area, it is a large glass building.

There is a bus line that serves the route between the bus station and Ajaccio Airport. It is line #8 and the ticket price is around 7€. The journey takes about 20 minutes. There is a bus every 30 to 40 minutes.