Sea kayaking in the lost coves of the Southwest coast

Discover the lost coves of the South-West coast of the Isle of Beauty by sea kayaking on a 7-day trip!

From Ajaccio to the Gulf of Figari located north of Bonifacio, you will follow the West coast going down to the South of Corsica.

A true paradise for kayakers, this coastline is a string of rounded rocks in pink colors, interrupted by white sand coves where swimming and discovery of the seabed will be on the agenda.

Program of the stay The lost coves of the Southwest coast

Sunday: Ajaccio – La Castagna

The meeting point is at Ajaccio Airport at 2:30 pm (or at our camp base located at Eccica-Suarella). Then, the guide will help you to prepare your kayaks, and give you a quick introduction to the trip. Once we are ready, we will drop you off around a peninsula named “La Castagna”. There you will be able to do a first sailing to get familiar with the kayaks.

First night bivouacking on the beach.

Monday: Arena Rossa – Cupabia

This morning we will leave the Gulf of Ajaccio to reach another gulf, the Valinco. We will feast our eyes on our first Genovese tower before heading for a cove hidden in Capo Di Muro to eat our lunch. Quite impressive, the cove we set to is hidden in massive granite towers. Then we will take sailing up again to reach Cupabia.

Dinner and night bivouacking on the beach.

Tuesday: Cupabia – Portigliolo

Our first stop of the day will be Porto Pollo. Then we will sail to the beach near the Taravo which is the longest river of Corsica. The next sailing will make us cross the Gulf of Valinco before reaching our destination for the night. The place we are setting for will allow us to see a sunset on the sea.

Dinner and night bivouacking on the beach.

Wednesday: Portigliolo – Senetosa

The sailing of the day will make us pass Campomoro and its genovese tower. We will enter the nature reserve of Senetosa and its chaos made up of granite. We will sail to and fro the bay of Agulia, the bay of Arana and finally the bay of Conca before setting foot in the Capu di Senetosa. There are established lighthouse and the museum you will be able to discover.

Dinner and night bivouacking on the beach.

Thursday: Senetosa – Roccapina

We will go back sailing to reach Tizzano where we will have lunch. After lunch, we will set sail for the well known Lion of Roccapina in order to reach the hidden beach of Erbaju. This bivouac offers an outstanding view on the lion we sailed along a few hours before, as well as on a genovese tower only reachable by walking on the maquis.

Dinner and night bivouacking on the beach.

Friday: Erbaju – Furnellu

While leaving the beach of Erbaju early in the morning, we make the most of the empty beach of Roccapina before the arrival of other holiday-makers. This famous beach is known to be straight out of a postcard setting. We will sail to and fro some rocks that are shaped in a very particular way to reach the cove of Furnellu.

Dinner and night bivouacking on the beach.

Saturday : Furnellu – Figari

maquis and its vegetation. Then, we finally reach the ornithological reserve of the Bruzzi Islands. Sardinia starts appearing and its coastline starts being outlined on the horizon. We will reach our last destination and enter the bay of Figari.

Drop off off at our camp base where you started the trip. Tidying up of the gear and fianl drop off at the airport of Ajaccio.


766 €

per person for 7 days

or call-us at:

04 95 25 91 19

Included gear :

Required sea kayak, approved life jacket, skirt for the watertightness, paddle, hermetic plastic bags, portable stove, tarpaulin in case of rain.

We do use single seater and two seaters kayaks in which all the stuff will be loaded in order to sail completely independently.

We recommend bringing your own hermetic bags that will fit your stuff (electronic devices, clothes, bedding), such as hermetic plastic bags. Note that even though we do  provide hermetic bags, a tear might occur. Plastic bags will be used as an extra protection.

Even though the compartments are sizable, please take only the things strictly necessary. Sizeable stuff (such as clothes, sleeping bags and inflatable mattress) will be put at the extremities of the kayaks, when heavy stuff (such as jars and cans of water) will be put against the cockpit. 

Not included gear : 

For the sailing part : 

  • Anti-UV ray lycra (ideally long sleeve t shirts)
  • swimsuit and short in order to limit the friction
  • water shoes (or sports shoes)
  • windcheater, sun hat or cap, sunscreen, sunglasses ideally tied to a lace 
  • flask of 1L minimum

For the bivouac part :

  • sleeping bag 10°C modestly sized (if wanted you can add a bivvy bag for the humidity
  • self inflating mattress (please avoid the sizeable mattress such as exercise mat)
  • self inflating cushion
  • headlamp (or flashlight)
  • kitchen utensils set (hermetic box “Tupperware” of 0.6L, cutlery, tumbler)

Clothing :

  • fleece jacket or ultralight down jacket (for cool mornings and evenings)
  • one or two outfits (tshirt, short and underwear)
  • Jean or tracksuit

Hygiene : 

  • biodegradable soap, shampoo and toothpaste
  • microfiber towel
  • biodegradable toilet paper

Potentially : camera, diving mask, snorkel, deck of cards, cash for the beach restaurants.

First-aid kit : 

  • personal medicine if you are subject to specific disorders (allergies and so on)
  • necessities to avoid and treat blisters (dressings such as “Compeed”)
  • necessities to relieve ankle and knees problems (strips such as “Elasto”
  • necessities to clean an insignificant wound (soaked compress)
  • Sunscreen for the skin and for the lips
  • Necessities to relieve intestinal discomforts due to a change in your diet (probiotics, Smecta, Imodium, Tiorfan)
  • Necessities to relieve headache and sore muscles (mineral salt, electrolytes)
  • Necessities to relieve the stings
  • Necessities to relieve the seasickness

Please seek advice from your doctor and from your pharmacist. Please note that you will have to carry your first-aid kit with you, in this way do only bring what is strictly necessary. Make sure you have an extra bag provided for this, on which will be written your name and the name of the stay you take part in.


Under the stars if the weather permits.
Attention: no showers or toilets on the route, get a foaming soap with sea water that you will find at a shipchandler.
Plan a sleeping bag (moderate volume), and a ground mat (ideally self-inflating).


Continental breakfasts, cold cooked lunches and hot meals for dinner. Each and every meal is prepared with the assistance of the entire group. Every meal will be provided with fresh vegetables and local products. Varied menus all along the trip.

The sea

We will be located on the West Coast which is more exposed to gales. However there is mostly a calm sea during mornings. A breeze often appears at midday, meaning we will be sailing for the most part in the morning.

Please note that the weather forecast, as well as the shipping forecast, might oblige us to change our itinerary. The guides only can take any decision of this kind to ensure the safety of the group.