Kayaks posés sur la plage lors d'une locatoion de kayaks de mer

Kayak rental in Corsica – Prijon touring kayaks for multi-day, week, and month rentals.

Sea touring kayak rental

Single sit-in kayaks

We offer rental of the Seayak model from Prijon in polyethylene. Moreover, the Seayak can sail anywhere. It has a long and thin hull for good speed, a raised bow to cushion the passage through waves as well as the famous semi-V cut that offers maneuverability.

Technical specifications:

  • Length: 490 cm
  • Width: 58 cm
  • Front compartment: 42 L and rear compartment: 110 L
  • Volume: 360 liters
  • Weight: 28 kg
  • Maximum recommended paddler weight: 120 kg
  • Rill height: 88 cm

Double sit-in kayaks

Kayak rental: Prijon POSEIDON model in polyethylene. With an identical length to the excursion, the Poseidon is a bit narrower and has a raised keel for high seas. On the water, it is suitable for open sea touring, as well as lakes and large rivers.

Technical specifications:

  • Length: 518 cm
  • Width: 68 cm
  • Front compartment: 60 L and rear compartment: 120 L
  • Volume: 505 liters
  • Weight: 39 kg
  • Maximum recommended paddler weight: 240 kg
  • Rill height: 93 cm

All kayaks have two waterproof compartments and lifelines. The rental includes paddles, skirts (Prijon) and life jackets.

Process for kayak rental

The recovery of the kayaks can be done by your own means at our Cors’Aventure base in Eccica-Suarella.

If you wish, you can also leave your vehicle at our base. In this way, you can prepare your belongings and your kayak. . As soon as you are close, we will drop you off at the beach of Porticcio, at the water’s edge.

Your recovery will also be done in this way.

Good to know

On request and with a transport supplement, we can also pick you up and/or drop you off at a location other than the beach of Porticcio. Please note that not all beaches are accessible by trailer, so we will need to organize your drop-off and/or recovery in advance.

Rental packages

Rental 1 week

1 single-person kayak215 €
1 two-person kayak270 €

Rental 2 weeks

1 single-person kayak335 €
1 two-person kayak395 €

Rental 3 weeks

1 single-person kayak395 €
1 two-person kayak490 €

Location 1 month

1 single-person kayak448 €
1 two-person kayak532 €

Rental from 1 to 6 days

1 day2 days3 days4 days5 days6 days
1 single-person kayak43 €80 €114 €144 €170 €195 €
1 two-person kayak57 €110 €160 €192 €223 €250 €

Contact us to book your kayak rental.

04 95 25 91 19

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  • Kayak rental, paddle, skirt and life jacket
  • Pick up of the kayak at our base in Eccica-Suarella with the possibility of leaving your vehicle
  • And/or drop off and pick up at the beach of Porticcio